Client results come from an environment where therapists have the freedom & support to thrive.
June Health is a modern, efficiently-run and well-respected therapy practice with the following guiding principles:
Therapy for a better life
We believe that caring for emotional health is the foundation for a better life.
The importance of the therapist
Positive change for clients is most achievable when talented & committed therapists are fully supported, so they can focus on doing their best work.
Emotional health in America
Our broader goal is to make taking care of emotional health just as common as taking care of physical health. “We educate our minds, care for our bodies, yet often neglect our emotional health”.
Therapy is for everyone
We believe in using modern digital communication to be highly accessible to a wide variety of clients. We reach people who may not have otherwise considered therapy.
Clinical philosophy
We believe that what best helps clients to “cultivate emotional health” is the quality, commitment and skillfulness of the clinician, irrespective of the school of thought that the clinician comes from (i.e. psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, gestalt, emotion-focused, etc). We deeply respect & support all of the therapeutic traditions, schools and tools that June Health therapists utilize to help clients achieve results.
5 things we look for in our therapists:
Our selective screening process
1.Commitment to client results
2.Therapy is a meaningful vocation
3.Continuous professional learning
4.Highest care to clients
5.Kind and compassionate human beings
The history & core beliefs of June Health.
June Health’s beginning lies at the intersection of both a personal story and a larger, changing landscape in America.
Throughout most of my life, I felt that things were on an upward trajectory, with ups and downs, but overall each year being better than the one before. I just assumed that’s how it was supposed to work. However, in my 30s, first slowly, then all at once, this reversed.
I spent most of that decade trying to make several very unhealthy relationships work, both personally and professionally. As I approached 40, my life was worse on all fronts than it had been 10 years before. I felt empty on the inside, and questioned what the point of all this was. For all the education and fancy degrees I had accumulated, I really had no idea how to fix it. And the friends and family I spoke to, really didn’t understand why someone who had accomplished all I had, felt the way I did.
Then, on a cold, winter morning in early 2015, after a long night of drinking and chain smoking, I awoke feeling bad – really bad. I knew I needed help – professional help. I called multiple therapy offices in New York City and either got their voicemail or heard “I can fit you in… in about 3 weeks.” Finally, I found someone who could see me immediately – 50 minutes away by train in Hartsdale, New York. I got on the train and walked another 20 minutes from the station in nearly a foot of snow. That was a game changing decision for me.
Fast forward 4 years. After seeing several therapists and doing a lot of work on myself, my life is completely different. My priorities are clear and my emotional health is in a very different place. And I couldn’t be more grateful.
Enter June Health.
Over the past 2 years or so, as I looked out onto my future, I knew that with my background and experience there were many professional opportunities I could pursue. But none appealed to me nearly as much as the idea of starting a modern, efficiently-run and well-respected therapy practice that would be accessible and helpful to people in need. A place where therapists could do their best work and, where clients receive the highest quality care to heal, grow and change their lives.
So I began to look for a partner. I interviewed over 30 different clinicians. Then I met Chris Kingman, and it was clear to both of us within minutes that we had a shared vision and similar set of core values. Over the course of 6 months, Chris and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work, and in the process we became friends & close colleagues. In March 2019 we were ready, and we launched June Health with shared beliefs in the power of therapy to give everyone a better life, and the growing need for these services in America.
We believe that everyone can benefit from prioritizing his or her emotional health – the 3rd and forgotten pillar of health in America. We educate our minds through countless years of schooling, we spend hours worrying about our diet and going to the gym, yet shockingly, we spend so little time and effort on taking care of what is probably most important for our success & happiness – our emotional health. How we deal with our ingrained thought patterns and feelings has so much impact on our path towards either happiness or pain. As the saying goes, “with our minds, so we make the world.”
At June Health, we believe that caring for your emotional health is the way to a better life, and a better world.  Thank you.
Therapist salary & benefits.
Full, competitive salary & benefits
All of our therapists have the security of being true employees of June Health. We offer both full-time and part-time plans.
Schedule flexibility
We offer flexible options so that our therapists can choose the hours best for them.
Continuing education & professional development

We believe that our therapists should always have opportunities to learn and grow. Some of the programs we offer:

  • Continuing education on variety of topics including the science of emotion, recent research on the tools of therapy, and scientific journal reviews
  • Company paid-for conferences and workshops
  • Weekly therapist meetings to discuss key learnings and challenges
  • Therapist dinners with guest speakers on a variety of topics related to emotional health
Full support, focus on clinical work

June Health has a full support structure that allows our therapists to focus on clinical care and not get bogged down in administrative work. Some of what we provide includes:

  • Handling of all back-office and support functions, including insurance
  • Modern, private & expense-free office space provided at 14th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan
  • Full-service marketing that is handled by June Health
  • Online digital profile at and opportunity (voluntary) to contribute to content & articles
  • Online scheduling for clients (the therapist can choose the hours available)
  • Ability for clients to pay online
  • Digital check-in for clients
Additional career options
We aim to have a long term partnership with our therapists, and over time there are many additional opportunities within June Health if a therapist is interested. Some possible paths include: becoming more involved in management or leading clinical training for other June Health therapists. We also are supportive of therapists who want to “put their name on the door” and branch out on their own after 2 years. We welcome all therapists who love what they do and want to continue to focus on excellent client work.