Our Approach to Therapy & Results for Clients.

At June Health, our approach to therapy is focused on the therapist and client relationship. We prioritize having talented and compassionate therapists. There is a mountain of evidence showing that what drives client outcomes is the quality and skill of the clinician, irrespective of the therapeutic tradition they come from.

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There are over 400 therapeutic techniques in clinical psychology.

These range across a broad spectrum, from traditional psychotherapy to cognitive therapy to hypnotherapy to more esoteric techniques, little known to non-professionals.

Beginning in the early 20th century, the proponents of these therapeutic techniques engaged in earnest research to prove their effectiveness. This war among researchers progressed until the 1970s, when a number of retrospective summary studies were conducted which came to a surprising conclusion. The techniques used by the therapist accounted for very little of the variation in outcome. Basically, the technique didn’t matter.

So why do some people get results while others do not? Overwhelmingly, the personal and interpersonal factors determine the outcome of therapy. Specifically, the characteristics of the client, the therapist, and their relationship determine the outcome of therapy.

There is no substitute for a warm, caring, and empathetic therapeutic relationship.

mental therapy

Therapy is effective, regardless of technique, because of its “humanistic” characteristics.

These include the deep-seated need to seek help from a caring individual and the equally deep-seated desire to provide care in situations of vulnerability.

A therapist may match a specific technique of therapy to the characteristics and preferences of the client, and a client may select a therapist based on a preference for certain characteristics or a specific technique, but the success of treatment depends on neither.

The success of treatment depends on the ability of client and therapist to connect on a profoundly deep level so that the client is supported, valued, and healed. At June Health, we believe having great therapists and building an environment where they can flourish, is the key to providing our clients with lasting results.

We would like to thank and credit David N. Elkins for his research, “Toward a Common Focus in Psychotherapy Research”

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