Exceptional therapists are our top priority at June Health.

mental health therapist

Why not just talk to a friend or family member?

While friends and family can be helpful and supportive (sometimes!), there is no substitute for a compassionate, licensed professional and the knowledge which comes from thousands of hours of training and years of experience.

Friends and family can have the best intentions, but their recommendations are often not objective or scientific, and their advice can sometimes inadvertently set us back.

Experienced and talented therapists, focused only on you.

Successful client outcomes in therapy are heavily dependent on the therapist and the therapist-client relationship. We select our therapists based on their dedication to results, commitment to the practice of therapy, and experience in building empathy with clients.

We create an environment where our therapists can do their best work with you. Our therapists receive the highest levels of educational and administrative support so they can devote 100% of their time & attention to you.

More on Our Approach to Therapy

We’re here when you’re ready.

Work with a trained practitioner to build your emotional health.

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