Couples Counseling

Couples come to therapy with many unique problems and goals. We offer two styles of counseling to meet the needs of every relationship.
1. Traditional Couples Counseling and 2. Advanced Relationship Therapy

1. Traditional Couples Counseling

Approach:  Traditional couples therapy follows a similar approach to individual therapy.  Couples first meet jointly with one of our therapists to discuss in detail what has brought them to therapy, and their goals are for the work.   Therapy starts right away in the first session with a highly proactive approach to problem solving.  Often, one or both members of couple will also meet with the therapist individually which leads to faster, better results for the relationship.  Communication issues, intimacy, and conflict resolution are our specialties.

Recommended For:  Traditional counseling is the most broad approach — couples often come to work through a short term problem or decision, determine if they should continue their relationship, or want to have a better relationship but aren’t sure if they want to commit to the work of couples therapy (and, yes it is work!)


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Intensive Couples Therapy (based on the Gottman Method)

Approach:  Advanced Relationship Therapy focused on changing the underlying dynamics of a relationship that lead to conflict.   Even in healthy couples, over ~70% of conflicts are recurring (meaning the same issue/problem comes up over and over).  This program goes deep to the root of these conflicts.  Then, based on scientific research about healthy couples, we work on forming new patterns that are the hallmark of successful, happy couples.  Advanced Therapy starts with a secure, confidential assessment that is done by each person, followed by 4 sessions (each 1 hour long):  Joint initial couples assessment, in-depth sessions with each person separately, and finally a detailed review of all results with both members of the couple present.  For couples who are serious about getting to work on their relationship, we believe this is a wonderful program.

Recommended For:  Our intensive program is for couples who know they want to go deep on resolving the conflicts that exist in their relationship.  We highly recommend this excellent program for any couple who is committed to addressing their problems and building a long-lasting foundation for a healthy relationship.


Complimentary Consultation

Finding a couples therapist is all about fit. Both personally fit and finding a program that is right for your needs and goals as a couple.

We can help you navigate through this and you are welcome to meet with our therapists complimentary at any time to help you choose. Thank you for considering June Health.

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