We Specialize in Couples Counseling

All of our therapists have 20+ years of experience. We specialize in relationships and couples work.

Do we need a therapist?

We often face pressure to act like our relationships are great. However, pushing our real feelings down can have many harmful consequences: emotional, behavioral, and even physical.

Couples come to therapy with many unique problems and goals. We offer two styles of counseling to meet the needs of every relationship.
1. Traditional Couples Counseling and 2. Advanced Relationship Therapy.  Learn more here.

Meet our Therapists

We are a group of committed and compassionate therapists here in NYC who have specific experience in couples counseling.  Results begin with experience, skill and kindness.

Joanne Arfin, LCSW

Joanne brings considerable wisdom and life experiences, and a very rare ability to relate to a client’s unique situation.  She has helped many clients with relationship issues, and can help get to the underlying root causes.  Joanne has dedicated her career to helping clients live a rich and fulfilling life.

More about Joanne here.

Complimentary Consultation with Joanne

Video: "The Most Important Factor for Relationship Success"

In her many years of helping people with relationships, watch what Joanne has to say is most important.   Also, watch video of Joanne talking about the following topics:

  • Her 2-tiered System to Helping People Who Experience Anxiety,
  • Why She Chose Therapy,
  • (our favorite) on Missing the Boat.
  • And more.  All clips can be viewed here.

Brendan Kavanaugh, LCSW CASAC

Brendan has been helping clients for 20+ years to work through the many unique issues related to relationships.  Brendan’s style is often described as “active” and “hands on”, and he gives his clients total support as they work through, move forward, and grow from traumas of their past.

More about Brendan here.

Complimentary Consultation with Brendan

Video: "The Lens We Use to View Our Relationships"

Watch Brendan talk about the lens we use to view our current relationships and how this impacts us.   You can also watch Brendan talk about:

  • Self-Esteem and Stress Reduction
  • The Changing Nature of Being a “man”
  • Tips for Being a Better Partner
  • And more.  All clips can be viewed here.

Chris Kingman, LCSW

As a therapist Chris has been helping people for the past 20 years to manage their emotions, improve relationships, deal with transitions, advance career aspirations, heal from trauma, eliminate self-destructive behaviors, feel more internally secure, and more. **Please note, Chris currently has a wait list for clients.

More about Chris here.

Complimentary Consultation with Chris

Video: "Relationships are Harder than We Think"

Watch Chris talk about some reasons why relationships are often harder than we think.   In addition you can see Chris talk about the following topics:

  • Why I Became a Therapist
  • My Style of Therapy
  • The Virtuous Cycle of Change
  • And more

All clips can be viewed here.

Will I see results from Therapy?

psychology therapy

The main driver of outcomes in therapy:

There is a significant amount of scientific research literature to support the importance of the therapist and the therapist-client relationship as the primary drivers of success.  There are over 400 therapeutic techniques in clinical psychology, however what drives client outcomes is the quality and skill of the clinician, irrespective of the therapeutic tradition they come from.

In other words, what matters is a great therapist and a personal connection between client and therapist.

Complimentary Call with a Therapist

More About June Health

Choosing a therapist takes time, and it’s often difficult to know in advance if you’ve found the right therapist.  At June Health, what makes us different are 3 things.

  1. All of our therapists have 20+ years of experience
  2. We believe in therapy and all have been in therapy ourselves at some point in our lives.  We “walk the walk”.
  3. Being selected to be a June Health therapist is a demanding, rigorous process.  We select only clinicians we would see as clients ourselves.

We encourage you to speak with our therapists first to see how you feel.  We are highly confident in their ability to help you.

Learn more about us here.

It all starts with Emotional Health

Emotional health is the foundation for meaningful relationships, happier family, fulfilling work, greater physical health, and a clear mind.  Simply put, a better life.

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