Feeling lonely has an incredibly wide variety of root causes.

Often, healing from loneliness can come from first looking more closely at our self-love and self-care. Simply put, it’s difficult to be alone by yourself when you don’t really like yourself that much. This can seem almost too simplistic and be off-putting, as our ego’s response is “of course I love myself” or “look at my life, it’s fine.” Perhaps this is true, but we encourage everyone to look more deeply at self-care and self-love. There is nearly always room to grow, and the ego can be incredibly clever in creating excuses for change.

Moreover, loneliness has many other roots which often run deep. Is loneliness due to some type of loss – a death, the end or nearing end of a relationship, change of career, move to a new city, or some other external event? Sometimes the answers aren’t obvious, as we can be around people and often feel even more lonely than when we’re by ourselves. A trained therapist can help us better explore the roots of our loneliness and provide tools which can be used to build a better life.

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