What to expect on my first visit.

Thank you for choosing June Health. We want to ensure your first visit to therapy is a pleasant, stress-free experience. Please contact us with any additional questions.

First Visit FAQs

What do I talk about on my first visit?

Our therapists have thousands of hours of training and years of experience helping to ensure a client’s first visit is productive. While there are no exact rules, being as open and authentic as you’re comfortable with will help to ensure a high quality session. Sometimes a bit of discomfort is helpful for growth and healing and we encourage clients to show patience as they develop a relationship with their therapist. Sometimes this may take several sessions. This is your time, and nothing is off limits. As the saying goes, “we are only as sick as our secrets.”

Should I take notes?

This is totally up to you! We will have extra notebooks for you if you want to take one. It is most important to be present and emotionally open during the session – for some people, writing may help, while for others it may take them out of the moment.

How many sessions do I need?

This is a very reasonable question to ask when starting a relationship with a therapist. While we don’t like to give the “it depends” answer, this is truly the case. Therapy is a such a personal process, and the rate of progress can very significantly from client to client. We encourage you to be upfront and ask questions like this (or any other questions) directly to your therapist!

What if I get lost and/or am late?

Living in New York City, we understand that things happen all the time. If you are running late, please continue to your appointment regardless. We would rather see you for a smaller amount of time than not at all.

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