Safe, in-person sessions

Client and therapist safety comes first. We have implemented a detailed program that goes beyond New York State guidelines to keep anyone who comes to our office safe and healthy.

Private Office Suite. Not shared with any other therapists.

Many therapists in New York rent office space from large office space aggregators who also rent to lots of other therapists.   These spaces have shared waiting rooms.

At June Health, we have a private suite where we have the ability to control everyone who is going in and out.   We only allow 1 client and 1 therapist in our entire suite at a time so you will not be in the same area as anyone else during your visit.

High Grade HEPA Filtration System

We have added one of the top brands of HEPA air filtration system on the market.  According to Consumer Reports “We tested dozens of models. Some blew us away while others simply blew it.”  Blueair was listed as one of the top companies tested.  In addition, the unit we installed is exceptionally quiet and thus will not interfere with your session.

100% Clear, Sturdy Plexiglass

We tested multiple variations of plexiglass over a 4 week period, and found this setup to be the safest and most effective.   The large clear plexiglass creates a safe barrier between therapist and client, while also not interfering with the therapy session.  We also specifically purchased the more durable and safer 1/4 inch barrier as opposed to some of the flimsier sheets being sold on Amazon.

Individually Wrapped, Disposable Masks for Each Session.

For every client that comes in, our therapists use a new mask.  Individually wrapped, brand new masks for each session, help to lower the risk even further vs. re-using the same mask multiple times.  These masks meet CDC guidelines and also are comfortable to be worn for extended periods of time.

Spacing of Sessions

At the moment we are only seeing clients on a limited basis and thus sessions are spaced out by several hours.  In the future as New York City continues to reopen we will still ensure that there is at least 30 minutes between session to ensure that all cleaning and disinfecting procedures happen and are not rushed.  Also, you will not run into another clients during your visit.

Sanitizer Made in the USA

We follow a number of protocols to ensure our space meets our standards for being germ-free and clean.

  • Reputable Sourcing:  We use hand sanitizer made by Vi-John Labs, an American Company that is based in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri.  They have been in business since 1908 and sell into major retail chains that have substantial quality control standards such as Walgreens, Target and Kroger.
  • Recommended Mixture:  The CDC recommends a mixture which contains at least 60% Ehthyl Alcohol.  Further guidance suggests that sanitizer with a lower % are less likely to kill viruses, while sanitizer with too high a % may dry too quickly and not be in contact with germs long enough to be effective.  In addition to efficacy, this formula doesn’t burn or leave a residue.

Cleaning After Each Session and Weekly Deep Clean

After each session, we will clean the room with the following:

  • All door handles will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes
  • Plexiglass will be wiped down
  • UV Light will be used for additional cleaning.  According the the FDA, “UVC radiation has been shown to destroy the outer protein coating of the SARS-Coronavirus”

In addition, every week the office will be closed for a a 2 hour deep cleaning done by outside professionals.  Our owners will be on site to inspect and ensure quality.

Maintaining Safe Distancing, With Effective Therapy

In addition to the protective plexiglass, we have also setup our therapy room to ensure that the client and therapist are able to comfortably maintain the recommended distance from one another.  We are confident that the work can be done just as effectively as in any therapy room, while at the same time following NY State guidelines for safety.

During this difficult time, we do not want anyone in New York City who wants to see a therapist in person to have to miss out. We are committed to excellent therapy in a safe environment.

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